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PrimeZone's fascimile service offers the latest in technology, ease of use, and the lowest prices in the industry.

PrimeZone's broadcast fax service gives you total control -- from list maintenance to launching a release. Designed specifically for investor relations and corporate communications professionals, PrimeZone's fax service is simply more efficient, less expensive and more convenient to use than any other blast fax service.

Releases and documents can be sent via e-mail, modem or fax machine just minutes before they're automatically sent, at any time, 24-hours a day. And subscribers can maintain lists from their own personal computers by accessing addresses that are password-protected on Internet custom home pages. You don't have to fax name or number changes, wait for these to be made and proof lists over and over again. You can view your lists via the Internet and make changes any time you wish.

PrimeZone gives you total control. With PrimeZone's fax services you can combine your e-mail and fax lists -- creating "blast e-mail lists" along with conventional faxing lists. And with PrimeZone you dictate the look of your documents. From custom cover sheets to specialized graphics -- your documents are the way you want them sent.

With all PrimeZone services, you are provided the industry's highest level of customer service and ease of use. PrimeZone Media Network is America's most technologically advanced news release distribution service. PrimeZone uses state-of-the art technology to deliver news and information to the nation's media and financial markets.

Join the growing list of leading companies that have selected the leading alternative in disseminating corporate news.

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