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Q. What is IR
IR is a hassle-free, cost effective source for investor relations website services. Using the latest in Internet technology, IR maintains and enhances corporate investor relations home pages seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Q. What can IR do for my company?
IR can take over management of your company's existing website or develop a new IR website for you.

Q. How much work is required for my company to take advantage of IR Connect?
Very little. You can supply a management description, or we can pull that information from SEC filings or an annual report. You may want to provide a company profile and a list of upcoming events.

Q. How often will my company's site be updated?
The financial information will be refreshed daily. Every news release will be posted within minutes.

Q. Can my company customize certain sections?
Absolutely. It is your site and we can customize design and content any way you want.

Q. How does IR work?
Financial information is continually updated using Internet information providers such as PrimeZone Media Network, Media General, Big Charts and Financial Insight Systems. You will never have to worry about keeping the site current ­ almost everything is done by IR IR can create a whole new site or add IR pages to the site.

Q. What features are included in the standard IR package?
Features include:

  • Company profiles
  • Management Profiles
  • Information Request Form
  • Stock Quote
  • Historical Stock Chart
  • Investor Contacts
  • Current Valuation Ratios
  • News Release Archive
  • News Releases via e-mail
  • Current/Historical Dividend Data
  • Real-Time SEC Filings
  • Key Financial Ratios
  • Income Statements & Balance Sheets
  • Institutional Shareholders
  • Analyst Earnings Estimates
  • List of Recent and Upcoming Events
  • Annual Report Posting
  • Current Pricing Statistics
  • Recent Event Notification via E-mail
  • Audio & Video Capabilities

Q. What advantages can a company gain by using IR
Advantages include:

  • Off-Load website maintenance
  • Site Updated Automatically
  • Ensure Timely Disclosure To This Important Medium
  • Create an Information-Rich Website
  • Create a Complimentary Website That Can Have the Look and Feel of Your Existing Website.
  • News Release Alert Function

Q. How long will it take to have my company's site operational?
.Ten (10) working days.

Q. Can additional features be added to my site at a later date?
The service has been designed so that new technologies and features can be added when necessary.

Q. What do I need to do to get started?
Simply sign IR's service agreement and we will begin constructing your IR site immediately.

Q. Can I see a working site?
Yes. Call a PrimeZone representative.

Q. Can IR help ensure proper disclosure of material information?
Yes. We can ensure that every release is posted to your website in a timely manner. The National Investor Relations Institute now recommends that websites should be kept up to date. NIRI suggests that Internet home pages be given a high priority in the timely dissemination of material information. With IR, your IR website will automatically be updated and refreshed.

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