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IR Connect Standard Package

With IR one package does it all and at one price. IR Connect's standard package includes all of the features needed to maintain an information-rich, timely investor relations section of the website. The standard package includes fundamental data from Media General, real time SEC filings and quotes and charts provided by Big Charts. The package utilizes push technology to provide news releases and SEC filing alerts, plus email notification for important events and whenever keys financial data changes on your site.

With IR your email lists are archived within a customer service center that is accessible via your Internet browser. This customer service center also houses your site's traffic reports.

Here are some of the features that can be included in IR Connect's standard package:
  • Stock Quotes
  • News Release Archive
  • Investor Contacts
  • Management Profiles
  • Information Request Form
  • SEC E-mail Alert
  • News Release E-mail Alert
  • Real Time SEC filings
  • Annual Reports
  • Audio Reports
  • List of Investor Relations
  • Corporate Events
  • Video Reports and Corporate
  • Slide Shows
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheets
  • Historical Stock Chart
  • Institutional Shareholders
  • Letters to Shareholders
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Directors Bios
  • Transfer Agents
  • Key Analysts
  • Traffic Reports

With IR one monthly fee covers all – including maintenance, updates and emails. And, there is no extra charge for express service. Within hours we can have your site ready for review and activation.

Other Services

Webcasting IR Connect can simulcast your corporate events live or recorded over the Internet directly from your website. Webcasts can be used for earnings conference calls, analysts or investor meetings, press conferences, executive speeches, annual meetings, product announcements or merger and acquisitions conference calls.
Voice Mail Services Customized toll-free number where investors can leave messages or request financial information.
Fax-on-Demand Toll-free, customized number where investors can leave a voice message or automatically receive information via fax such as news releases, earnings reports, shareholders letters or other information. This services includes monthly reporting.
Embedded Quotes A stock quote that can be placed on any page of your web site. Constantly refreshed, the quote and other stock information can be presented in several formats, including scrolling.
Mail Fulfillment This cost-effective service takes care of fulfilling all of the information requests that come through your web site either via email or the fax-on-demand service. The service includes email and online reporting functions.
Streaming Video With this service you can have your corporate events encoded and placed on your website.
Slide Shows Interactive slide show presentations using state-of-the-art technology.

Click here to see examples of IR applications.
Call a PrimeZone representative at 1-800-307-6627.

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