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PrimeZone Media Network has a complete array of news distribution services for companies and agencies seeking to reach the financial and general media. PrimeZone can customize your distribution to offer the maximum effectiveness in reaching your audiences.

PrimeZone's technology-based distribution services include a national satellite-based network that transmits to the major newspapers, financial media, wire services and satisfies financial disclosure; reaches the top news databases and online services; directs news to trade publications; and targets specialty media and publications.

PrimeZone wire services include USA, a national circuit that reaches over 1,000 media – including the nation's top papers and financial centers.

Regional, state and city distributions are available, along with specialty circuits such as entertainment and publications that cover the initial public offering market.

All of PrimeZone's wire services include transmission to the disclosure media, online and database services and appropriates trade publications.


PrimeZone regional newslines are designed for companies looking to target their releases to a specific area and to further cut cost. Every PrimeZone Newsline includes timely disclosure, the top newspapers and wire services and the regional financial press.

The following are some of PrimeZone's regional newslines:

East New York Metro
Middle America Northern California
West Southern California


PrimeZone can deliver news to every state to both large and small dailies as well as wires services and business publications.


New York Los Angeles
Dallas San Francisco
Chicago Boston

Trade Publications

PrimeZone Media Network automatically transmits your news to appropriate trade publications whenever you transmit a release over our network. PrimeZone, however, has structured its business on the premise that targeted, not a shotgun approach, is the best method for news distribution. PrimeZone professionals will work with your company to design a trade publication circuit that fits your needs and make it part of your distribution package.

Call our representatives today and take advantage of the customized approach to news release delivery.


PrimeZone can deliver your news to more than 700 television stations throughout the country. This delivery can be customized to single states, top markets, high tech states and cities or combination of states and cities.

Radio Stations

More than 650 radio stations can be reached via PrimeZone's electronic system. Included in this group are all business stations.

IPO Media

PrimeZone's partnership with IPO gives it access to the most complete list of reporters and editors who cover the initial public offering market. These reporters are at daily newspapers, wire services, business publications and magazines.


A cost-effective method for transmitting feature releases to newspapers. Transmitted during non-peak news hours, the feature service is for more "evergreen" releases.

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